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Get A GrRip with Court Grabbers®

Virtually eliminates slipping on court and wiping your shoes for traction!

Court Grabbers® are super lightweight equipment that lace onto your shoes to allow you to instantly restore traction to your shoes anytime on the court, during practice or games- without using your hands!

Stop wiping your filthy shoes with your hands for traction – it doesn’t work! That’s why you have to keep doing it. In less than 2 seconds, 2 quick wipes across your Court Grabbers® gives you the Best Traction on the Planet! Upgrade your Performance &  Safety- Get A Grrip, get your Grabbers today!

Court grabbers deliver every practice, every game! 


Superior, High-Performance traction where you need it most- on the court, during play in every practice and game.

Reduces chances of injury from slipping on the court.

Eliminates sticky mats and licking and/or wiping your shoes with your hands

Reduces potential exposure to harmful germs and bacteria present on the court.​

Works on wooden courts, composite courts, most tile courts, and plastic tile (Sport Court) tournament courts

Permitted for play by the NCAA, AAU, and National Federation of High Schools

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